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…because every child deserves a loving family

A few years ago a BBC documentary “Bulgaria’s abandoned children” exposed the horrific conditions children were subjected to in institutions in Bulgaria. It was shocking. It moved a lot of people including myself. Some of those people were strong and brave enough to reach out and help, and they’ve succeeded!!!

I would like to introduce you to Kids Care. Established in 2013 they support foster care in Bulgaria to place children from care homes in a safe family environment. They are changing the lives of children in Bulgaria and make it easy for me and you to help those children too.

I was impressed with their level of commitment. 100% of the money donated is invested in finding a safe home environment for the children at risk and ensuring they are surrounded by love and care. Unlike other huge charitable organisations where only a small percentage actually makes its way to the needy, every single penny you donate or raise for Kids Care is making that less fortunate child’s life better.

I know people are kind and we get a huge sense of fulfilment from helping others. Here is a genuine opportunity to make a real difference and I am grateful for it.

You can make a difference too. Straight from this page by clicking DONATE, or to learn more about Kids Care and other ways to support them please go to their WEBSITE.


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